• Chrimbo gingerbread 


    Christmas gingerbread! This recipe is ace for kids because it's easy and doesn't have any egg in (so it doesn't matter if they eat the dough.)

  • Fish and chips 

    Mackerel with cucumber and lime

    Fresh mackerel is one of my favourite fishes. The dressed cucumber helps to balance the richness of the fish and the chips add sweetness to the dish.

  • Mince pies 

    Mini mince pies

    These are officially the best mince pies ever, courtesy of Maria (www.bakewithmaria.com).

  • Chilli prawns 

    Prawns with chilli, garlic and lemon

    A quick and tasty way to cook prawns. You'll need to get some nice raw prawns. I got some from Fishworks after my cooking course but I can't remember the name of them now.

  • Mackerel chermoula 

    Mackerel with North African spices

    Mackerel is one of my favourite fishes. Add to that the fact that it's cheap and not in danger and we have a winning combination! This dish is great as a lunch or maybe a starter. The tomato salad counters the richness of the fish.