• Belly of pork 

    Belly of pork with braised fennel

    This pork is straight from one of Jamie's books and is an interesting way of cooking belly of pork - it's quite fresh and zingy.

  • Brisket with orange 

    Brisket of beef with orange

    Brisket is a great cut of beef and very easy to cook right. The orange adds a nice zing to the dish.

  • Chilli with extras 


    Classic dish, but can be elevated to something really good if you cook it well.

  • Lamb shanks 

    Lamb shanks in red wine

    Shanks are my favourite cut of lamb. You can't really go wrong if you cook them for 3 hours or more in red wine!

  • Fish and chips 

    Mackerel with cucumber and lime

    Fresh mackerel is one of my favourite fishes. The dressed cucumber helps to balance the richness of the fish and the chips add sweetness to the dish.