• Belly of pork 

    Belly of pork with braised fennel

    This pork is straight from one of Jamie's books and is an interesting way of cooking belly of pork - it's quite fresh and zingy.

  • Pear chutney 

    Pear chutney

    I made this to go with potted rabbit - it's dead easy to make. The original recipe was to accompany grilled goats cheese.

  • Brisket with orange 

    Brisket of beef with orange

    Brisket is a great cut of beef and very easy to cook right. The orange adds a nice zing to the dish.

  • Beef carpaccio 

    Beef carpaccio

    I've tried a few recipes for carpaccio, including one that involved par-freezing the beef. None of them worked! This one, however, does work.

  • Potted rabbit 

    Potted Rabbit

    This is a fantastic way of eating rabbit and makes an impressive starter. Serve with toast, pea shoots, pear chutney and maybe some black pudding.